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Gary Millard

Gary will be the first to tell you that he never actually wanted to be an electrician - he wanted to be a chef. He grew up in Watford, London and left school at 14 to join the Royal Navy and travelled the world learning his trade as an electrician. Having served his time, he returned to Civi Street and started to make his way in the commercial world. Hard work, a big loan and a lucky break saw the emergence of Powerpoint Electrical. Gary threw himself into building the business, something which he enjoyed immensely, working all hours through good times and bad. Perhaps it's his very positive approach to work and the belief that most things are achievable with the right knowledge, tools and people.

Gary has built a business with a very solid foundation and continues to treat and serve others as he would wish to be treated himself. He says that he is not in business to make a profit - he is in business to provide a good service at a reasonable price and places customer satisfaction above all else, and, if as result of all this he can make some money, well that's a bonus.

Oh, and he would still like to be a chef!

Gary Millard
Owner, Powerpoint Group
Tel: 01202 894900